Manufacturers will occasionally discontinue items without notifying the company. If for any reason an item ordered was replaced with an updated by the manufacturer or if there is not a direct replacement; the purchaser will be notified via mail or email. For no reason will substitutions be allowed.

If an item is out of stock Upnorth Services will choose to hold orders for 7 business days to fulfill the entire order. In the event that an item is out of stock for longer than 7 business days processing time, a refund will be issued to the purchaser and the remaining fulfilled order will be shipped via UPS to the receiver. Refunds will be issued in a form of a UpNorth Services USA., LLC check for the balance of the out of stock item.

Acceptable Payment Method:

a)     Major Credit Cards; Visa, MasterCard, & Amex.

b)    Money order; and

c)     Institution check for inmate orders.

Overpayment Refund System:

If for any reason a customer sends a check/money order for more than what their balance is due to a miscalculation error on their behave, a Upnorth Services USA LLC., a check will be issued with the remaining balance.